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Fabio Rossato is one of the most original and eclectic musicians in the international panorama of accordion  today. 

He began to study accordion with Elio Boschello and furthered his studies in interpretation with teachers from the main European schools: Friedrikh Lips , Wladmir Zubitsky , Richard Galliano and Frederich Gerouette.

He graduated with distinction from the Conservatory of Music in Pesaro,Italy.

From a very young age, Fabio Rossato started displaying uncommon musical and interpretative qualities, which he revealed in several national and international competitions.

In 1982, at the age of 12, he won the  first prize at the “Gran Premio Internazionale Città di Stradella”.

In 1983 he won the prestigious “Grand Prix International de Wittelsheim”.

From 1985, for about ten years, he represented a big attraction for the world of accordion, performing in concerts and very prestigious competitions.


He was only fifteen when he won the 4th prize at the famous “C.M.A. World Trophy” held in Lisbon (1985), and from then onwards he started collecting a whole series of important prizes at the same international competition:


1986:2nd prize in Arenzano;

1987: 2nd prize in Andorra;

1988:1st prize in Paris;

1989: 2nd prize in Terni;

1991: 1st prize in Stuttgart.


It was in those days , in Tulles, that Fabio Rossato met Astor Piazzolla.

That occasion was an important festival organized by Richard Galliano.

Fabio had the privilege to play for the famous maestro A.Piazzolla who, astonished by his talent and by the incredible potential of the accordion (we must remember that A.Piazzolla played the bandoneon), dedicated the work Three Preludes to Fabio Rossato and his accordion.







Besides being a very active soloist, Fabio is also a brilliant pianist and composer, and held degrees in  these two disciplines as well.


In 1994 he won the 1st prize as a soloist in the third edition of the “T.I.M. (Torneo Internazionale di Giovani Musicisti )”, organized by A.G.I.M.U.S. in Rome.


A series of tours brought him not only around Italy but also to France, Spain,Portugal, Canada, Germany, Switzerland,Austria and England.


Although known in the classical field, Fabio Rossato is a well -rounded musician whose artistry extends also to the field of music arrangements.

He experiences with different musical styles and idioms, both as an accordion player and as a pianist.


At the moment Fabio is showing his creativity and ability as a performer and composer in jazz,and is gaining recognition both by critics and the general public.


He has performed several times for radio and television, as a soloist and in group formations, as performer and arranger with musical groups like Chantango (revelation group at the Luigi Tenco Memorial in 2001), Klassik Swing quartet, Blue Naïf,ecc.


He has played with artists such as Fiorenzo Zeni,Manuel Randi,MarcoPorcu,IvanTibolla,GuntherSanin,Glauco Bertagnin, Silvia De Boni Gabriele Bellu, Cecilia Gasdia, Silvia Donati,Mattia Martorano, AlessadroTurchet , the poet Mauro Macario, Helga Plankensteiner ,Michael Lösch ,Lino Brotto.....ecc.


Among his recordings as a soloist,we must mention Varietè which includes, among others, musical pieces arranged by him.


In duo with the pianist Ivan Tibolla,he has recorded Impressioni Lontane, which was awarded the ORPHEUS 2009 for the best ethnic CD of the year.


Fabio has created the CD Stranezze,which aims at recovering and re-reading the most significant compositions of the accordion player/composer Luciano Fancelli .


As arranger and performer,he has taken care of Cecilia Gasdia’s CD Napoli-Buenos Aires,with the group Chantango L'anima del vino  and Bestiario d’amore , and Cafè Concert with the ensemble Quartetto archi moderni veneti, Blue Naïf with the group Blue Naif ..and many others..


Fabio Rossato is accordion teacher at the Conservatory of Riva del Garda (Trento) in Italy.





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